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Flat Wire Inductor Calculator

The inductance of a flat or ribbon wire (rectangular cross section), can be found using the calculator or the equation given below.

Length:   cm
Width:   cm
Thickness:   mm
Inductance:   nH

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The inductance of a flat or ribbon wire or a track on a PCB can be calculated with the following equation.

[Flat wire inductance equation]


l is the Length in cm

w is the Width in cm

t is the thickness in cm (PCB copper @ 1 oz/ft2 = 0.035mm)


The original for this equation is by F.E. Terman and can be found in the Radio Engineers Handbook, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1945. The units in the calculator have been changed from µH to nH and the thickness from cm to mm for easier working on PCB's.

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