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RF and Microwave Enclosures


A range of aluminium RF and microwave shielded enclosures are available, off the shelf, with selected connectors if required. Some models can have an optional transmission line PCB fitted.

[Current range of RF and Microwave Enclosures]      Our current selection of screened enclosures.



[Photograph of available FEXI-BOX sizes]

 A full description can be found at FLEXI-BOX description

  Intended for one off builds, prototyping and small production runs, the FLEXI-BOX is the ideal tool in the lab for RF projects. It can be supplied ready fitted with optional BNC, N, SMA or TNC connectors and a transmission line PCB.

FLEXI-BOX Original size 63.5 mm long x 50 mm wide x 23.5 mm deep.

Mini FLEXI-BOX 50 mm long x  35 mm wide x 23.5 mm deep.

Micro FLEXI-BOX 35 mm long x  35 mm wide x 23.5 mm deep.


 The FLEXI-BOX is available in three sizes and a selection of connectors.